Friday, October 15, 2010

How to locate and win the consumer's mind

One, why positioning is so important

This should first talk about the consumer.

Our own shopping, go before, often emerge from the mind of a particular thing, such as: shampoo, beverages, shoes. But certainly not a brand. The final choice to the supermarket may be Head & Shoulders shampoo, drink Coca-Cola, Adidas shoes. But these brands are caused due category, the reason to buy such a number of brands, is nothing but the brand is representative of these categories or leader Bale.

In fact, consumers hate complex, so often he would recall some of the representatives of a brand category, but the brand must be the category leader in the leadership or the following, these brands in the minds of consumers form a concept, is a represents the concept category.

Therefore, consumers in deciding when to buy Coke, you will naturally pick up Coca-Cola or Pepsi, but decided to buy washing powder in the first time will think of Tide or a mystery.

This concept formed the brand awareness and reliance on, this is actually positioning, when customers will in future need, the first will be necessary to think of the brand to buy. There are many successful brands, almost always have a clear position there. For example: liquid detergent industry, many of the domestic liquid detergent brand in the competitive market. However, consumers can think of first is to take a blue moon liquid detergent, liquid detergent position clear blue moon, it's orientation is "cleaner and protect" not only meet the basic needs of consumers clean, but also in the protection of the level of more interest to consumers to achieve the expectations of consumers for liquid detergent. We also see the blue moon liquid detergent in this year's campaign and public relations, but also spared no effort in its "clean and more protection of" strong position for promotion, in the continuing education and consumer awareness, consumers are from the most basic clean, people know the concept of protection, is therefore such a combination of both, Blue Moon with different positioning of other competitors.

In fact, this is the origin of the brand's positioning, but also such formal brand awareness and demand, through advocacy for consumers who know what is good, which is unique to your brand in the mind of the consumer occupy the position, not only the concept represented by the formation of a category, it is deep on this brand recognition.

Because of this, so that the brand was founded in mind among customers, the meaning of the brand that the customer represents a mental category, a category and then to become the first choice for customer consumption.

Second, Why is it only category of consumers preferred brand

This requires from the consumer's spending habits and the habit of talking about mind, consumers are in the media every day under a high degree of exposure, receive tens of thousands of messages every day. But the consumer is limited brain capacity, while at the same time pressure at work, consumers are in fact more often avoided and that the exclusion of other useless information. Trout in the "new orientation" also repeatedly stressed that the consumer why the focus only on the first brand in the category.

1. Mind struggling with: too much information now, so you must be careful, otherwise you will be ignored.

2. Mental capacity is limited: it only limited information on the brand to retain the majority of businesses are concentrated in the top two brands.

3. Mental aversion to chaos: Your brand message must be simple to find a setting position your business information words, and take customers into the mind.

4. Mind the lack of a sense of security: people must overcome the five kinds of shopping risk, your strategy to provide credentials in order to overcome these risks.

5. Mind will not change: If a brand into the mind and the establishment of orientation, it is almost impossible to change the mind, people do not want to change their beliefs.

6. Mind losing focus: brand stands for something you want more mind will blur, which occupy you for the competition opened the door to the original position.

From the above point of view can be seen, what consumers want is a simple recognition, and positioning of each brand must be clear and simple, if there is any attempt to fill consumers with complex mental behaviors are stupid and inexcusable, in order to be able to occupy the minds of consumers, businesses must know how to locate, to win the consumer's mental resources.

Third, how to win the minds of consumers

1, a clear category were from the

Consumers is the essence of category, not the brand, he was the reason to buy the brand because the brand is a category Representative. Consumers and the mental representation is stored in the category brands, and the face of other advocacy and choice, consumers tend to ignore, which means that customers only judge clearly represents the brand category, the distribution of the brand can the down position and temporary storage. If you can not clear their own brand ownership, short-term may be because of the curiosity of consumers, and marketing made the surprising and short-term benefits, but if not a clear understanding of consumers, then consumers in the vague mental impression must not be stored, and were eventually forgotten by consumers.

2, representative of items to create

The development of a brand may have a variety of different forms of products and services, call different service items. If a brand can have a clear representative of items, easier access to consumers mind, to get more sympathy and recognition. For example: Wong Lo Kat in 310ml of red color filling, whenever mentioned, the first associate is festive red Wong Lo Kat, iron filling, considerable weight and feeling. Blue moon blue color liquid detergent 1kg bottle to bring out the blue end of the clean liquid detergent through the blue a bit of clear liquid, full of people on the clean and protect the trust. Another example: Coca-Cola classic arc of 6.5-ounce bottle, people saw a connection with the fresh cold Coca-Cola Shuang Chang.

Brand is entering the early stages should be trying to build their own representatives items, select a good representative of items is the best corporate image and promotional materials endorsement. Enterprises continue to build through the consumer in mind would be the formation of a deep impression on the brand and outstanding image representative of items, allowing consumers to stay in the mind in sufficient position to form a clear understanding.

3, access to high-level credentials

Brand early stage of development is just at the initial stage, consumers often reject new brand attitude, and always there is a distrust of eating crabs. Brand initially, in order to enable consumers to reduce conflict and obstacles, it is necessary to bring a hat for himself or halo cast. For example: Adidas on the use of "special player", "sales leader" and endorsed the formation of their unique positioning in the consumer, the consumer's mind to seize the position. Since the shoes are used by athletes, of course, is good, consumers buy, they buy with confidence, and joy will be shared with people.

The development of liquid detergent as Blue Moon, which endorsement will be used during the development of the "National Inspection-free Product", "Access to Environmental Quality" and other marks, to emphasize its authority and credibility to win the consumer's authorized to provide a sufficient argument.

4, select the source population

Select source population, that is the target consumer group, is the brand can be the key to long-term development, it can be said is the core point, only in terms of brand positioning, the first brand to choose for the general population, the only way the two can complement each other. Colgate toothpaste choice as the crowd is the doctor's authority to bring a strong brand endorsement. Colgate consumer choice, the equivalent of a doctor recommended Colgate, full of confidence.

Another point, select the source population, we should be seeing people's representatives as well as a model. Like Pepsi, young people choose them as a source population itself is the greatest brainwashing of its target customers and representatives, a model no doubt.

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