Monday, October 25, 2010

Switch and patch panel port to quickly find the corresponding method

In the establishment of local area network, in accordance with the general standard cabling, construction should be used with the "standard meter" on both sides of the cable or crystal head office dedicated set of "abnormal number of tubes," and the Cabinet Office, to do with the "standard meter" or "no control" the computer identifies the corresponding record. Many units had a small number of computers, then incrementally add Liao Yi Xie Ji Suanji, Zuchengjuyou Yidingguimo the LAN, the original network to connect the computer when Bing Mei You's Wang Xianzuobiaoshi, Huo added only Le 1234, ABCD that the paper Tags, prone to duplication, over time there will be blurred identity, which for the future of network maintenance inconvenienced. Transformation in a local area network standardization process, to switch the computer connected to the cable pairs is a tedious job, here the matching of four common methods:

1. Using cable test thread: This is the one commonly used method, all the network cable from the switch (or Hub) on the pull, the survey line transmitter device connected to the computer network at one end of the line, then the receiver end of each test cable end switch, find out the direction the signal connected at one end, put on number of tubes, insert the corresponding switch position, and make records, to complete a line matching network, and then proceed to the next line matching network work. This method is suitable for a smaller number of LAN computers.

2. One by one turn on the computer: the network connection under normal circumstances, the computer network card's power indicator lights and switch-side data port corresponding to the location of power indicator and data Lantern Festival lights up, according to this feature, we can each turn on the computer to observe the switch position indicator which lights up the corresponding port of the network cable and just turn on the computer that is connected to the Okanagan has. Some of the cards, as long as the card access to the LAN, the boot light is bright or not, is not suitable for this method.

3. Net line "hot swap": in the open computer case, unplug the network cable and network card connected to observe the location of the light switch off on which to determine the computer connected to the cable. Reason and method 2 is the same, but there are some hot-plug on the computer harm.

The method requires disconnect LAN connection, with two people to complete the switch from the remote computer and when it is through radio, mobile phone contact. If one person to complete the work, labor intensity is great. Some important local area network can not just disconnect the network connection, then there is no simpler way? Certainly have!

4, large data copy method: We know that light switch and network card data during data transmission flashes quickly, according to this feature, we can copy data from the specified computer, by observing the fast blinking switch indicator to determine the data connected computer.

First of all, to borrow a computer placed next to the switch, do a short network cable into the switch port specified, confirmed this computer can be connected to the LAN (assuming the computer called the test, access switch port 1), then Check the LAN can access each computer is the LAN, you can open the "Network Neighborhood" to see whether I can find that computer used for testing: test, while the computer on a large data set shared folder (such as Sharing C drive). Put on the wire "control number", noted down the computer data, such as the location of the computer, the computer name, IP address, "No control" number.

The following can be paired to work fast. In the test computer, open "My Network Places", double-click a computer, find the shared folder, and copy large data files to the test computer, then observe the data light switch, there should be two positions of the indicator light, continuously flashing, a test computer that is connecting the port 1 is connected to another port location data replication that computer, and put on "no control", note the port position, to complete a line of matching network .

In the test computer, open "My Network Places", find another computer's shared folder, and then copy the large data files, to determine its position on the switch port. One by one, the LAN cable matching.

Finally, remove the test computer, copied the files to remove the LAN settings on the computer the shared folder. Organize computer data, computer and switch port corresponds to and the "number of pipe" annotation records.

This method does not require disconnecting the LAN connection, testing the connection status of the computer to switch on one cable pair to complete, convenient, fast.

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