Thursday, July 15, 2010

Actual FastCGI (Introduction)

When the site more popular, the number of straight-line rise in heart secretly delighted when, suddenly coming to a large number of call center responses Tel: 銆嶴ite connection closed on going,銆?by going out so long before the screen 銆?銆?has emerged Server Too Busy .. . 銆? . . . It appears necessary hardware upgrades, but coupled with more memory, more CPU, for a more expensive machine really solve the problem? Are there less expensive ways? This article describes how to install the FastCGI Apache server module, how to configure and use FastCGI web application, so your site program in the existing structure to full speed.
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1. To overcome the bottleneck of CGI
Efficiency of 1.1 headache
1.2 The number of solution
1.3 a better way - FastCGI
2. Install FastCGI
2.1 FastCGI module installed on Apache server
2.1.1 standard installation (using APACI)
Mod_fastcgi 2.1.2 will be installed as a DSO
2.2 by adding the relevant settings using mod_fastcgi
Install FastCGI Development Kit 2.3
2.4 Test FastCGI
2.5 Install FCGI module for Perl
3. Write FastCGI applications
3.1 The procedural framework
3.2 header files into fcgi_stdio.h
3.3 FastCGI processing cycle
3.4 Lian Results libfcgi.a library
3.5 Notes on writing FastCGI programs
4. FastCGI how fast?
4.1 rating tools - ApacheBench
4.2 CGI vs. FastCGI
4.3 identify the Memory Leak
5. Reference
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