Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blog: Beware of the computer in the city's "hidden rules"

JS (profiteer) is the highest frequency of major IT Forum, an acronym. National Day, New Year's Day, a series of major promotional Hancu not allow computers on the city calmed down and was going to come Chinese New Year brought by a small IT products shopping orgasm. Seen recently in various forums, shopping cheated in the case of Computer City, emerging, and many more launch sites such as "Computer City JS means great exposure!" And other articles.

Many users have questions, price transparency is all brand computers are very high, and the city full of computer brands in the store, can I shop in this environment would be "black" not a? Yes, if you are not familiar with computer products, you are lured by some petty profits, that would be allowed to fall into the trap in JS.

Recently, computer users on the exposed some of the city rule, the message to Beijing Zhongguancun, for example, listed the gorgeous exterior Zhongguancun Computer City, the four potential rules: 蹇芥偁 customers, invoices transmission of the disease, shop upstairs and downstairs shop Shopping guide puzzle. To Huyou customer, for example, a consumer to buy A brand digital cameras, the result has been sales to defame A brand-name products for various reasons, then enthusiastically recommend B brand products, 蹇芥偁 half, many consumers are not familiar with the product also The sales staff was "kind and warm" move, when to buy B brand, only to find out a comparison of the B brands sold here, the price higher than the outside with a large, back to theory, to meet the consumer's natural that the black surface of the door god . The situation in Guangzhou Computer City also common, but are more common in Zhongguancun's thing, such as 13 floors of a store in Zhongguancun Hailong playing out on account of huyou Dafa is condemned dozens of online users.

Zhongguancun than shopping environment, the computer business district of Guangzhou Gangding no doubt, it is relatively "clean" many, at least Purchasing Guide sold upstairs with downstairs, etc. to see less obvious. However, playing a little trick misty's case will still occur. Zhongguancun, the four potential rules do appear to many consumers, "wronged" the past is the computer industry is more concerned about the city business district be formed, Computer City, the competitive situation between the expense of the city as the main computer of competition between businesses environmental change. This post in on that: "Competition in the tragic, tremendous pressure on the one hand to businesses, on the other hand, excessive competition will inevitably make Zhongguancun ecology in 'overload' conditions, the consequences will be out of the core of a large number of the lack of competition force business, on the other hand the process of elimination will be made in the shopping environment has become worse in Zhongguancun. "to the sound development of the computer business district, merchants to obtain reasonable profit, consumer rights are protected, how to achieve win-win results is difficult to find estimates A surefire plan before, in addition to store management should step up efforts, the consumer is only looking to match wits with the JS, to avoid falling into the "hidden rules" in the snares.


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