Monday, July 26, 2010

Kingston New-miniSD impression

Speaking of today's market niche popular digital memory card, then when is the number of SD kamo, SD card with light weight, small size advantage, the former boss has been taking the incorporation the pace of CF card market share, however, mention the maintain their leading memory card market in the future who, SD cards are a new generation of smaller, more functional memory card threat, and the SD card of the same family of miniSD perhaps a.

Here is the field of memory cards on the market now the second largest brand launch in a Kingston miniSD card, Kingston is the world's first memory of famous brand in 2004 with greater strength in the domestic market is also overbearing memory card, not six months to then have a 10% market share, this is the Kingston miniSD memory cards aimed at the future direction of development of a new product launch.

This product is a Kingston memory card has always been the clear plastic packaging, packing boxes in the bottom left corner of the eye-catching printed with "Lifetime Warranty" lifetime warranty of the word, which is Kingston memory card has a unique "good tradition", of course , no reliable product quality, manufacturers will not be easy to make such a commitment.

Open the packaging, which is lying in Kingston miniSD card, this card by an anti-static box capacity of SD card and adapter adapter form, with the protective anti-static boxes, when the memory card can not be the most secure protection.

Remove the miniSD card and adapter, the adapter the size of the piece can be found, just, and a standard SD card, but actually also has write protection features, it seems, this miniSD card directly through this adapter convenient to change as an ordinary SD card in order to achieve a card with two functions.

Insert the adapter, miniSD transformed into standard SD card

This miniSD Card Kingston SD card is only half the normal figure, while light can also save frequently used mobile digital products and valuable energy. Mini with saving features make Kingston's miniSD cards suitable for this use of mobile phones, in fact, miniSD card appears, it is also because of the rapid development of smart phones. Moreover, with the design of the adapter that makes Kingston's miniSD cards can not only use your mobile phone, users can no obstacles to it as a normal SD card to use. Consider just a good photo shoot digital cameras can now easily read by smart phones, and this is how convenient design.

Kingston's miniSD cards now include 64M, 128M and 256M are three options, I believe that with the wealth of market demand, Kingston will also launch a larger-capacity card for the user to arm their smart phones. Although special equipment to use miniSD card is not a lot, but according to the current direction of technology development point of view, the future we will use the miniSD card can be seen everywhere digital device.

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